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Bullpen Fight Club



Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu



















(Some of the guys affter a Cage of Chaos Event)

(Some of the guys before American Hardcore Event) 

(Team Shot after Cage of Chaos 14 where Todd won the 170 lb belt) 

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is the combination of the striking and grappling arts into one sport where you can kick, punch, grapple, use submission holds in one format.

(Chris Goldbaugh with his 185 lb Cage of Chaos Belt)

(John Haught winning by RNC)

At the Bullpen Fight Club we promote isolation training instead of direct training in Mixed Martial Arts. It's much more effective to train in boxing and kickboxing and brazillian jiu-jitsu seperately if you have no prior training. This way you are forced to develope all of your skill sets, instead of picking a favorite and relying on it too heavily. Once you start to become skilled in both areas, you can start working on combining them together from a much more informed point of view.


                                   (Todd Bevan just before  improving to 2-0)                                                                                  (Todd with the big pick up)     


                                            (Todd Bevan  improving to 3-0)                                                                                       ( Todd Bevan setting up the takedown) 

                                       ( Todd Bevan winning by arm triangle)                                                ( Todd Bevan receiving the American Hardcore 170 Title)

(Josh Baker winning by RNC)


                                                (Josh Baker stare down)                                        (Josh Baker receiving the Cage of Chaos 155 lb Title)

We have athletes competing in MMA from amtauer to the professional levels.



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